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What do students think about the education system?

  • 81% of students highly value interaction with business during training (case study, internships, field trips and quests);
  • students, whose teachers use the case-method on a regular or frequent basis, estimated the quality of education 38% higher;
  • students whose teachers never use the case method are 31% more dissatisfied with the quality of education.
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Case study method

The case study method appeared at the Harvard Business School in 1924. The teachers realized that there were no textbooks needed for the postgraduate program in business and started to look for other ways to educate students. So they began to give the students a description of a particular situation that a real organization faced with so students would understand the problem and discuss the solution. Nowadays, the case method is widely used in business schools as well as in the education process around the world.
The case-based method is now widely used in studying around the world and not only in business schools.

Why do teach by case method?

Completed practical material
You don’t need to come up with and prepare assignments for students. Just choose a case on the platform and give it to students on a practical session or instead of a test paper.
Student motivation
Companies often offer valuable prizes and internships to authors of the best solutions. The gifts and opportunities offered by the company will motivate your students to come up with the best solution, and therefore to study hard
Increase student employment
Companies are willing to invite the best participants to an internship or job. Therefore, the regular university participations in the case-championships increases the level of student employment to companies which are industry leaders
Establishing a dialogue with business
By participating in the case you can communicate with the top managers of the companies and get their contacts for further cooperation (invitation for a lecture, organizing internships for students, etc.).
The use of business cases in educational programs is recommended by the Institute for Modernization of the Content of Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Відповідно до ст.54 Закону «Про освіту», викладачі ЗВО можуть використовувати реальні кейси у своїх освітніх програмах для поглиблення співпраці з бізнесом та органами влади та коригувати свої програми відповідно до потреб ринку. Кейс може бути включено викладачем до навчальної програми замість реферату/курсової чи іншої самостійної роботи, або розглянуто зі студентами на практичних та/чи семінарських заняттях.

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